Oyama: Bolsonaro will not nominate Aras to the STF if Mendonça does not pass the Senate

Nominated for a vacancy of minister in the STF (Supreme Federal Court) for president Jair Bolsonaro (no party), André Mendonça is “having a tea party”, according to an analysis by columnist Thaís Oyama for the UOL News. Besides the delay to schedule a Saturday at CCJ (Committee on Constitution and Justice), the former attorney general of the Union is being haunted by rumors that the current attorney general of the Republic, Augusto Aras, may take the vacancy open.

“Aras has great sympathy from the politicians. What we know is that Bolsonaro, because (Davi) Alcolumbre (chairman of the CCJ) keeps saying his preference for Aras, has stated that even if Mendonça does not pass, he will not name Aras” , revealed Oyama about what the president has said to close advisers.

“Let’s see if there’s enough money to do that,” he added. According to the columnist, the tide is getting worse for Mendonça with Carmen Lúcia leaving for the first group. With that, it opens a vacancy in the second group, which is in charge of the denunciations of Operation Lava Jato, with whom the former attorney general has ties.

If the name of this new minister was already a great fear for the class concerned with the direction of the Lava Jato, now it has worsened because he is going to the dreaded second class. now the business for Mendonça has gotten complicated, Alcolumbre doesn’t show that he’s going to give in.”

In Oyama’s analysis, the “scolding” of this political class “with Mendonça is his past, “who supported (Sergio) Moro, has messages from him with (Deltan) Dallagnol and supporting Lava Jato”.

“It has generated suspicion that once invested in the gown, regardless of whether he is a pocket-man or not, he will become, as they say, an Edson Fachin who works for the condemnation of politicians pending in court,” he explained.

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