PEC of precatório and 3 more themes that can affect the market today

Follow it at Café com Mercado, from UOL, four news that may move the market this Friday (17).

1) PEC of court orders – According to the president of the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ), Deputy Bia Kicis (PSL-DF), the Proposal for Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) that allows the payment of precatory orders would be voted on in the commission on Thursday (16).

Until the closing of this text, the vote had not yet taken place.

The subject may stir investors’ minds this Friday (17), as it puts the government’s fiscal health in 2022 at risk.

2) Biden Expense Chart – On Thursday (16), the US president, Joe Biden, presented its $3.5 trillion spending plan.

The Democrat plans to use the money on education, childcare and issues related to the climate crisis. The focus of the investments would be to “unburden” the North American middle class, which, according to Biden, is the “backbone” of the country.

The market always responds that the issue is the injection of public money into the US economy, especially investments of this magnitude. Therefore, the subject may move foreign investors on the Stock Exchange.

3) Petrobras – Also on Thursday (16), the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), again criticized the price policy of the Petrobras and he said that the answers of the current president of the company, Joaquim Silva e Luna, were not convincing.

The deputy said he does not defend price fixing, but wants Petrobras to share with the population a part of the wealth it obtains.

On Wednesday (15), Luna had said that the government gains with profits, since it is its majority shareholder. In August of this year alone, the amount transferred to the Union would have been R$ 15.4 billion.

The statements moved the company’s share price yesterday (16). The shares came to fall more than 2%, but ended the day with a fall of less than 1%.

4) Inflation in the Eurozone – The market must also respond to the official inflation of the countries that make up the euro zone. The data that should be released today refers to the month of August.

Inflation may pressure the bloc’s governments to reduce economic incentives and alter the region’s monetary policy. Without them, investors fear that the region’s economic recovery will take even longer.

The eurozone bloc is one of the main economic hubs in the world, and this data could affect the stock market here as well.

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