Pia guarantees Marta in attack and wants more unpredictable women’s team

The match this Friday (17), at 4 pm (GMT), against Argentina, at the Amigão stadium, in Campina Grande (PB), will be the first challenge for the women’s team from soccer after the Tokyo Olympics (Japan). Twelve of the 23 players who Pia Sundhage have at their disposal have not been to the Japanese capital and five may debut through the Canarian escrete. The technique hopes that the new faces will help with the changes he wants to implement in the way the team plays.

“It’s normal to make mistakes at the beginning [de um ciclo], but you must try. First and foremost, finding a different way to attack, being more unpredictable. To do this, we have to move the speed. I talk a lot about game speed, but it also means that the one who doesn’t have the ball needs to run a little longer and do it in a way that’s unpredictable. I hope we can see some of that in this new step,” said Pia at a press conference this Thursday (16).

“When I talk about the attack [em Tóquio], I think he did very well against Holland [empate por 3 a 3, na primeira fase]. When I say we can do better, it was specifically about the match against Canada. [0 a 0, nas quartas de final, com derrota brasileira nos pênaltis]. We’ve been working on infiltration plays and balancing patience and challenging the lines. The training was very good”, completed the technique.

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friday has #GuerreirasDoBrasil against Argentina!

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Despite not confirming the lineup he will send to the field, Pia said he will use Marta as a forward. At the Olympics, shirt 10 played as a midfielder, usually on the left side.

“Marta will play up front, looking for combinations with whoever is on her side. It will be interesting to look for her best performance. She is an experienced player. Initially, at least, I want to see her close to the goal, in the penalty area, looking for that final pass.” explained.

The women’s team has been together since Monday (13) in João Pessoa and has been training at the Almeidão stadium, stage of the second friendly against the Argentines, on Monday (20), also at 4 pm. In the activity on Thursday, the technician led a work of five against five, followed by a collective activity where she mirrored the starting lineup for this Friday. Because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus (covid-19), the press did not have access to the training.

“We had a fantastic reception [em João Pessoa]. People calling us, taking pictures. Love it. Imagine, then, when Marta entered the hotel. It’s refreshing, as is being able to work with new players. We are passing on the game idea to them. It’s something that the [zagueira] Erika heard it several times, but for the [lateral] Katrine, for example, was the first time. I like the atmosphere and I’m looking forward to this game. I hope we can already see something a little different from the Olympics,” concluded Pia.

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