PMs are arrested for kidnapping and torturing a Record presenter in RR

Six men were arrested this morning on suspicion of participating in the kidnapping and torture of journalist Romano dos Anjos, then host of the police show “Mete Bronca”, on TV Imperial, an affiliate of Record in Roraima. Five of those investigated are military police, including a retired colonel — and all are former employees of state deputy Jalser Renier (Solidarity-RR). A PM is still at large.

At a press conference, the journalist said he was more relaxed about the arrests and guaranteed that he trusts the courts to solve the case. “The Public Ministry always takes a safe step and then takes another. I believe that this was the first step to reach the principal,” he declared.

The arrests were part of Operation Pulitzer, which served open temporary arrest warrants and 14 other search and seizure warrants in Boa Vista. The crime was registered on October 26, 2020, when the journalist had his house invaded, was taken hostage, assaulted and had his arm fractured, until he was released the next day.

According to information from the MPRR (Public Ministry of Roraima), in addition to five of the six inmates being PMs, the six worked for the Legislative Assembly of Roraima and also in the office of State Deputy Jalser Renier (Solidarity). According to information found by the report of the UOL, they exercised the functions of driver and security.

When contacted, the press office of the Legislative Assembly of Roraima informed that “those investigated are no longer part of the civil servants in the current administration”. State deputy Jalser Renier, on the other hand, claimed “to be surprised and informs that he is unaware of the content of the investigations”.

The report sought the defense of the investigated, but, so far, has only been able to gain access to representatives of two of them. According to the lawyers, it is not yet possible to take a stand on the matter because the defense has not had access to the process. The space remains open for updating with clarifications from the parties.

The crime

Romano dos Anjos was surprised by armed criminals inside his house, on the night of October 26, 2020. After the invasion, the presenter was taken hostage and taken to an unknown location.

While in the hands of the kidnappers, the victim was assaulted, to the point of having one of her arms fractured.

The journalist was only found on the 27th, on the banks of the BR-174, in the rural area of ​​Boa Vista. He was seen by a truck driver, who found him with his feet and hands tied.

At the time, Romano dos Anjos stated that the crime would be motivated by the denunciations of police and political slant in the program he presented on TV. Since the crime, the journalist has been away from the program.

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