Prevent Senior omitted 7 deaths in hydroxychloroquine study, dossier says

Covid’s CPI dossier in possession states that Prevent Senior used patients as guinea pigs in a survey of drugs from Covid. called “covid kit”. According to the document, the company omitted seven deaths of people treated with hydroxychloroquine.

The material is signed by 15 doctors from the health plan operator. According to professionals, hydroxychloroquine was administered without notifying patients or relatives. The study was carried out in São Paulo.

In a statement, Prevent Senior denied the accusations and said it repudiated the allegations. The company also stated that it will take appropriate legal action against those responsible for the dossier.

According to the document, drugs without scientific proof were incorporated into the experiment, as results were not achieved. It would have been used against Covid, even cancer medicine.

The content of the dossier was released on Thursday (16) by Globonews. THE sheet confirmed the material and had access to an analysis of the document made by the Covid’s CPI in the Senate.

The company is in the sights of senators. On Thursday, the executive director Pedro Benedito Batista Júnior was expected on the commission to testify, he was absent and said he was lately notified of the appointment.

Covid’s CPI members considered the action delaying. Therefore, the senators insist on the testimony, which was rescheduled for Wednesday (22).

President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) —drug enthusiast ineffective against Covid— even publicized the Prevent Senior study on social networks, on April 18, 2020, even before the official publication of the results.

Bolsonaro cited the research as a success story. He said the study found that none of the participants who took hydroxychloroquine had died, while the number of deaths in the group who had not taken hydroxychloroquine was five.

The information differed from the original study, which recorded two dead. Even this version, however, contained underreporting of deaths, according to the dossier held by the senators.

According to a spreadsheet obtained by Globonews, nine patients who participated in the study died — six of them took hydroxychloroquine. That is, in all, seven deaths were concealed by Prevent Senior.

Doctors also reported the lack of authorization for certain procedures and ethical failures. The study would have been carried out with more than 700 patients, without submission to Conep (National Research Ethics Commission).

The initial project was authorized to work with 200 people. Prevent Senior’s hydroxychloroquine study was suspended for evidence of irregularities, but even so the company would have continued to medicate clients.

The document also cited a message in which Fernando Oikawa, director of Prevent Senior, announced a protocol and asked that patients not be notified.

“We will start the hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin protocol. Please do not inform the patient or family member about the medication or about the program,” said Oikawa in a message released by the station.

Another message from the director, contained in the dossier, brought the prescription for a drug against prostate cancer: “Good duty everyone and I emphasize the importance of the prescription of Flutamide 250 mg every 8 hours for all patients who are admitted. We are very excited about the program. improvement of patients”.

The analytical document produced by Covid’s CPI, based on the dossier, indicated that the “use of morphine for patients who did not receive all treatments for the reversal of their clinical status” would have been adopted.

“According to the doctors, this was a common practice for patients who would die in such a ‘palliative’.”

For CPI members, the information establishes ties between Prevent Senior and members of the so-called “parallel cabinet”, an advisory unit in Bolsonaro for issues related to the pandemic outside the structure of the Ministry of Health.

“Influencers like Nise Yamaguchi and Paolo Zanotto (Chloroquine defense doctors) they disseminated early treatment together with the government, while Prevent Senior would be the medical institution that would validate the efficiency of the treatment through studies,” says the CPI report.

According to collegiate members, after statements by former Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta criticizing sub-notifications and Prevent Senior’s care for the elderly, the company’s board would have made a pact with the parallel office to free the operator from criticism.

The report also stated that communication and alignments with the federal government were constant.

The CPI cited that, between April 15 and 19, 2020, there are reports that a son of the president, Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), called company directors to verify the results of the survey.

In addition, the CPI report shows, through lives on social networks, Batista Junior, executive director of Prevent Senior, disseminated early treatment with members of the parallel cabinet.

The operator released notes to contest the doctors’ dossier accusations. “Prevent Senior denies and repudiates systematic, lying and repeated denunciations that have been made by alleged doctors who, anonymously, have sought to erode the company’s image,” he stated in the first statement.

“The company’s physicians have always had their autonomy respected and work diligently to save thousands of lives. It is important to remember that numbers available to the CPI show that the mortality rate among Covid-19 patients cared for by our health professionals is 50% lower rates registered in São Paulo,” said the company.

In another note, released later, Prevent Senior said it would ask the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the “unfounded and anonymous complaints brought to the CPI by an alleged group of doctors.”

The company also accused the doctors’ defense of having filed the complaints because an agreement was not signed, without detailing what this agreement would be.


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