Report: Jorge Moraes – Cheapest electric car in Brazil is from JAC with seasoning from VW; see price

It’s easy to understand the recipe for the new city car. JAC enjoys the privilege of selling in Brazil a car developed in partnership with Volkswagen in China. And I will summarize how this was done. The German automaker, which sells around 4 million vehicles there, needed to enter the world of Chinese electric cars and paid for 75% of the electric division of the brand and 50% of the automaker.

The e-JS1 is the first result of the partnership and, at times, reminds you of VW Up.

The Chinese manufacturer’s eighth 100% electric vehicle is much more than an electric ice cream box. It arrives at a competitive price of R$149,900, costing much less than the Renault Zoe and Fiat 500e, which cost between R$230,000 and R$240,000. The urban compact innovates in colors, in autonomy, with 300 km, and in delivering good torque (it’s light: it weighs less than 1,200 kg).

In the pre-series unit, which we evaluated between the cities of São Paulo and São Bernardo do Campo, in the interior of São Paulo, the remarkable compact showed at moderate speed, at an average of 80 km/h, that it walks in the smell of energy. The Chinese are not as daring as you think, and certainly reaching well over 100 km/h with two people on board plus luggage is a difficult task. It is easy to get around Anchieta, but facing Bandeirantes in the left lane, with the 120 km/h allowed, is not recommended.

urban vocation

JAC e-JS1 - José Antonio Leme/UOL - José Antonio Leme/UOL
Image: José Antonio Leme/UOL

in conversation with UOL Cars about the universe of electric cars, the president of JAC Motors, Sérgio Habib, said that within the city he will be a leader.

“It has a good price, it’s beautiful and it will captivate the public by the economy’s proposal”.

I asked if the e-JS1 represents the new programming of the brand and the SHC group in Brazil. As I understand it, this is the first turn of keys that will leave the company with a 100% electric range, later on.

The novelty, for now, will not take the iEV20 out of line, but will complement the range.

The new e-JS1 is entirely intended for urban use. The electric motor has 30.2 kWh of load capacity, 15.3 kgfm of torque and 62 horsepower.

According to JAC, the model, which I won’t call the SUV compact, it is capable of reaching a top speed of up to 110 km/h with a range of 302 km. Acceleration from zero to 100 km/h was measured by the manufacturer in 10.7 seconds. To recharge the batteries, an average of approximately five hours in slow mode on a 7 KW wall box. The total capacity of the battery is 30 KW.

Smooth and easy to maneuver

JAC e-JS1 - José Antonio Leme/UOL - José Antonio Leme/UOL
Image: José Antonio Leme/UOL

The new JAC is smooth to drive, easy to maneuver and has nothing to complain about its suspension. Considering the dynamic behavior, with the weight of the batteries, the e-JS1, with its 3.65 meters long and 1.67 m wide, guarantees an advantage in urban mobility.

At the front, after taking a good look at the beautiful design, the highlight is the optical group with inverted trapezoidal lanterns, which are interconnected by a ruler that crosses the entire front of the car. I liked the square taillights. Car does not offer a spare tire, but a repair kit. Run to the nearest tire shop if you puncture one of the 14-inch tires. The trunk holds 121 liters.

JAC e-JS1 - José Antonio Leme/UOL - José Antonio Leme/UOL
Image: José Antonio Leme/UOL

Inside, still in Chinese, the pre-series sample tested features a 10.25-inch multimedia screen centered on top of the instrument panel.

The center has connectivity features such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The panel resembles that of the Up, were it not for the digital panel, which incorporates a certain luxury. The equipment list includes rear camera, Bluetooth connection, MP3 player and USB port.

Electric steering wheel, start button and electronic handbrake are other standard items. The seats do not have electrical adjustment, at least it would be up to the driver to do this.

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