Report: Mauricio Stycer – From the threat of dismissal to total freedom: how TVs view vaccination

Covid vaccinations for television workers became a topic this week in the United States after the US president praised Fox News, a notoriously right-wing channel, for the effort it is making. Joe Biden also asked the CEOs of a series from companies, including Disney and Microsoft, that make the vaccine mandatory in their businesses.

The Fox News case is especially curious because it has presenters who openly question, on the air, the mandatory vaccination and even the effectiveness of the immunizing agent. In an internal statement released on Wednesday (15), a news channel executive said 90% of employees are already vaccinated. And he warned that those who have not yet been vaccinated will be tested “daily” before joining the station.

In Brazil, it is possible to identify three different attitudes towards the subject. One is Globo, which sent an email to its employees informing them that those who decide not to be vaccinated may be dismissed from the company. Other channels claim to be in a state of vigilance over employees, but without the implication of penalties for those who do not get vaccinated. And there are still those who defend the total freedom for professionals to do what they want.

According to the message sent by Globe, the company considers vaccination mandatory, with the exception of workers who cannot receive the vaccine for medical reasons. The justification is that non-vaccination can impact and endanger the health of other employees.

Record, SBT, Cultura and Band are adopting a more flexible position. The channels do not inform if they have data to estimate the percentage of employees who are already vaccinated, but indicate that they are following the process.

A Record he says he is still “studying” whether to determine mandatory vaccination for all employees. The company believes that, to date, no one has refused to take the vaccine.

O SBT he says that “it is necessary not to put anyone at risk of death”, but he does not say what measures he is taking for this “because this is an internal issue”. The station is carrying out a “relentless” campaign so that all employees and collaborators are vaccinated. “Our immunization rate only increases every day,” says the station, without revealing numbers or percentages.

A Culture informs that “it has followed the vaccination of employees, especially those over 60 years of age”. The company considers vaccination “primary for the health of its employees and in the fight against the pandemic”. The station also informs that it has had some cases of employees who did not want to get vaccinated. “However, after conversations and guidance from HR and the medical team about the benefits of the vaccine, we obtained very satisfactory results”.

the position of the Band, as reported, seems quite liberal. The station has asked employees to notify the clinic when the vaccination cycle is complete.

Me and TV network! stands as a defender of individual rights. In other words, get vaccinated whoever you want. The channel claims to understand “the importance of vaccination”, but says it believes “that this is a strictly personal decision”. For this reason, the channel “will continue to adopt all health protocols, as has been the case since the beginning of the pandemic, but will not make vaccination mandatory, unless there is a legal determination.”

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