Ricardo Feltrin – The Farm “rejuvenates” the public and attracts AB classes to Record

Many people may have the wrong idea of reality shows What “The farm“, whose 13th edition the Record debuted this week.

The fact: many people believe that this type of program is “tacky” and that it attracts a less qualified audience (or viewers from the poorer classes).

Well, a recent internal Record study shows that it’s the complete opposite of that. The column had access to it.

younger audience

First, the age group: “A Fazenda” simply “rejuvenates” the broadcaster’s audience.

While Record’s grid as a whole has only 46% of the audience aged up to 49, the reality of confinement has 64% of the public in this age group.

Likewise, “A Fazenda” has 79% of audience up to 59 years old, while the average program has 63%.

“richer” audience

The other part of the study is that of social class:

In reality, at least 24% of the public are people from AB classes, while Record as a whole only has 17% of these classes.

Expanding the spectrum, 82% of its viewers are from the ABC classes, against 77% from Record, on average.

Finally, “A Fazenda” has 57% of the C class audience, but the rest of the programming attracts a little more from this less favored class: 60%.

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