Rico detonates Solange after leaving the game, and peoa quips: ‘Tremendous with fear’

In the live edition of “The farm 13″ (RecordTV), tonight, Rico Melquiades was disgusted to be eliminated from the prize dynamics of the reality show by Solange Gomes. He promised to put Gugu’s ex-bathtub in the garden and heard the peoa mock his statements.

“I’m going to vote for him in the countryside. I didn’t really have a vote, but I’m going to vote for her in the countryside. I have nothing against anyone and she’s my vote, just know,” fired the ex-“On Vacation with Ex” to Solange Gomes after choosing to exit the game.

The presenter Adriane Galisteu tried to find out if the pawn’s attitude was a joke. He, however, kept talking, visibly irritated that Gugu’s ex-bathtub had become his voting target in the game.

It is really true. I will vote for her. Oh, I can’t even because she’s in the stall. I’m stressed out here. I get nervous. My meat is shaking.

Solange Gomes, on the other hand, did not let it drip if the story was a moment of relaxation. “I have intuition, love. Relax!” declared the girl, who caused Rico’s anger:

Great intuition. I really relax!

The ex-bathtub of Gugu also reinforced that her decision was very well studied. “I have good intuition, that’s why I sent you there,” he pointed out.

Rico, then, warned that he will not relieve the person when he is able to send her to the fields. “That’s good, that’s it, my love. Next time, get ready, you’re also in my sights,” he threatened.

Without mincing words, Solange Gomes warned that she is not afraid of threats:

I’m shaking with fear, right? I get the looks, love!

Amidst the climate, the other participants of “The Farm 2021” began to scream that the famous ‘fire in the hay’ was burning in the game:

“It’s started,” shouted the pedestrians.

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