São Paulo terminates Daniel Alves contract and debt installment in 5 years

O São Paulo reached an agreement and terminated the contract of right-back Daniel Alves. The conversations were already well advanced since yesterday (15) and, as informed by the UOL Sport, there was a worded agreement between the parties. Today, with bureaucratic details resolved, the contract termination was signed.

The São Paulo Tricolor will pay around R$ 18 million it owes the player from next year in installments over five years. Now, the right-back of the Brazilian team is free in the market and can transfer and play for another team in this Brasileirão, since he only played six games with the São Paulo Tricolor jersey in the tournament — the limit to change clubs. However, the period for registering athletes ends on the 24th of this month.

After several episodes that generated wear between the parties, the definitive break in the relationship occurred last week, when Daniel Alves decided not to re-present to São Paulo after a period with the Brazilian team and irritated the club by “sending a message” via his exhaustion that he would no longer play as long as the club was in debt to him.

The Tricolor São Paulo was informed of the absence of the lateral the night before the re-presentation and spent hours in a meeting to decide the next step. A new conversation the following morning sealed the end of the relationship and resulted in an official statement from the board to clarify that Daniel Alves would no longer play for São Paulo and was no longer available to coach Hernán Crespo.

São Paulo’s debt with the athlete is around R$ 18 million. Tricolor tried several times to negotiate a way to pay the amount due to the lateral without breaking the relationship, but there was no agreement. The idea of ​​São Paulo was to pay the debt in installments and pay the amounts starting next year, given the delicate financial situation currently being experienced by the club.

Shown in an apotheotic way in shirt 10 in a crowded Morumbi, Daniel Alves arrived at the club with a salary of around R$ 1.5 million and the former São Paulo board claimed to have commercial partners who would help fund the exorbitant values ​​of the business. Months later, however, nothing was closed and the São Paulo Tricolor found itself alone to pay for the amount.

Daniel Alves racked up raids with fans and direction during his two-year stint. He even rejected a marketing plan offered by the club and, at the end of the conversations, sent a message via his managers instead of talking directly to the club.

The full-back was the target of criticism from the fan, especially when he chose to accept coach André Jardine’s invitation to compete in the Tokyo-2020 Olympics as one of the Brazilian team’s players over 23 years of age. With problems in Brasileirão and frequenting the relegation zone, part of the crowd said that Dani Alves was leaving the club.

The decision of the lateral was supported by the board of the club, which found itself unable to veto the player’s departure due to the large salary debt with him. After winning gold at the Olympic Games, the right-back vented that “São Paulo failed him” and that “he didn’t fail São Paulo”.

The phrase fell like a bomb in the corridors of Morumbi on the eve of a decisive São Paulo and Palmeiras for the Cup quarterfinals liberators. Dani Alves went to the game, but was unable to help Tricolor São Paulo, who ended up being eliminated by their rival in the South American competition.

Without Dani Alves, São Paulo has Igor Vinicius and Orejuela as their original full-backs for the position. The Paraguayan Galeano can also play in the role and was already chosen by Hernán Crespo when the Argentine wants to give more offensive power to the team.

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