Seized 4th involved in death motivated by ‘psychopathy test’, in GO

A 16-year-old teenager was apprehended by police suspected of stabbing that killed Ariane Bárbara Laureano, 18, during an ambush in Goiânia. This is the fourth member of a group of friends suspected of the murder, which would serve to test whether one of them, the young Raíssa Nunes Borges, aged 19, “would be a psychopath”. Police said today that investigations indicate the crime was premeditated.

According to the delegate in charge of the case, Marcos Gomes, the murder did not take place in a sudden action, but that the arrested trio met the night before meeting Ariane to plan the crime.

The young people would have a list of names of people who could be killed, but Ariane would have been chosen for her physical stature. According to police, the group confessed that the choice was made because, if she reacted, the group would be able to kill her. In addition, they reportedly said that the action was to test Raisa’s reaction after murdering someone and that, after hiding the victim’s body, they went for a snack near a shopping center in the area.

“They said that the night before they met and agreed to kill someone. In that meeting the day before the crime, they had already chosen the knife and placed garbage bags in the trunk where the body would be transported so as not to leave any traces of However, we found traces of blood in the vehicle”, highlighted the delegate Marcos Gomes, in an interview with UOL.

Gomes explains that he is in charge of conducting investigations into temporary detainees Raíssa Borges, Enzo Jacomini Carneiro Matos, 18, and jeferson Cavalcante Rodrigues, 22, but that the investigation on the adolescent’s participation will be in charge of the Police Investigation of Infraction Acts, since she is under 18 years old. Images of the locations that the car possibly circulated are being captured by the police to be attached to the investigation.

“They confessed to the murder. We came to the perpetrators through images that captured the license plate of the car, which is registered in the name of one of the investigated, who pointed out the participation of other suspects. But there are some points of investigation in progress. There is the suspicion of the participation of other people in this crime”, revealed the delegate.

The Civil Police reported that two of the suspects claimed to be “Satanists” and that the idea of ​​the murder came about because Raisa showed interest in murdering a person to “know if she was a psychopath.” “According to the young woman, she would know if she has the personality disorder after killing someone, analyzing her reaction after the fact. The investigated did not show any kind of regret after the death of the victim”, informed the institution.

Young people will be indicted for murder with three qualifiers: futile motive, ambush and concealment of a corpse. The expert report is being awaited to confirm whether, in fact, there was straying and perforation by a sharp object. According to the police, of those investigated, only Jeferson Cavalcante shows regret for the crime.

O UOL tried to locate the criminal suspects’ defense this afternoon, but was unsuccessful. They are not a lawyer and must be assisted by a public defender during the process.

The crime

Ariane disappeared on the night of August 24, after being invited by the group for a snack and not returning home. She went out, supposedly for a snack, and followed, by car, with the suspects, in the back seat of the vehicle, with Raisa. According to the statement, passed on by the police, the group would have agreed that, when playing a certain song at the sound of the vehicle, they would initiate the attack.

According to the investigation, Raissa allegedly said that she squeezed Ariane in the neck until she passed out, and then the others involved had gone to the rear of the vehicle and stabbed her. Ariane’s body was then placed in the trunk of the vehicle and the group headed to the Jaó sector, where they dumped him in a vacant lot.

“At the site, two of the perpetrators knelt beside the body, as if they were in a real ritual, and stayed there for approximately ten minutes, as explained in one of the interrogations,” reported the Civil Police.

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