Solange argues with Rico after bullshit in ‘A Fazenda 13’ and says: ‘Come hit me’

The relationship between Solange Gomes and Rico Melquiades turned sour once in “The farm 13″ (RecordTV). After exchanging barbs on the live reality show, this night, the pedestrians got into a strong argument during the interval of the attraction due to a curse heard by the ex-bathtub of Gugu.

Solange Gomes understood that a curse said by Rico in the middle of the prize dynamic was directed at her and questioned what the pawn’s intention was. The ex-“On Vacation with Ex” got angry with his fellow inmate and started calling her crazy.

With an ironic smile on her face, the ex-bathtub Gugu laughed. “Call me crazy, that’s what Brazil loves. Solange has arrived,” he said.

After hearing Rico say that he ‘has also arrived’, Solange Gomes tried to provoke her fellow prisoner:

I don’t want to know. You want to fight me because nobody knows you.

The influencer didn’t let it go and countered:

If nobody knows me, who knows you? Do you want to appear?

The pawns tried to end the argument between Solange and Rico. The former Gugu bath, however, did not give up and continued shooting against the influencer:

Not me, my love. I was born beautiful. Different from you!

“You’re rotten!” Rico snapped.

Check out the rest of the discussion between Rico and Solange in “The Farm 13”:

Rico: You want to appear.

Solange: Not me, I was born beautiful. Different from you!

Rico: You’re rotten!

Solange: come hit me. Calling me rotten?

Rico: And you called me ugly.

Solange: You’re ugly.

Rico: You are old crook.

Solange: Anchoring by Carlinhos Maia. A lot of family watching and you swearing. Wanting to appear! You are the share of the unknown.

Rico: Let her give it to me that she’s going to be expelled. Badly educated is she who called me ugly.

Solange: He hasn’t talked to me since the first day, he’s just there with her plant friends. You try to be funny.

Rico: Are you bothered? Ask to quit?

Solange: I do not. He’s teasing me to get in his face.

Afterwards, the presenter Adriane Galisteu returned to the live program of “A Fazenda 2021” and the atmosphere calmed down among the pedestrians.

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