Video: Tubarão attacks 16-year-old surfer on Florida beach (USA)

The young Doyle Nielsen, 16 years old, lived moments of tension while surfing the beach of New Smyrna, in the state of Florida, in the United States. He was paddling through the rough sea in search of a wave, when he was suddenly surprised by a shark attacking his right arm. Images of the incident, recorded on video last September 9, have spread around the world.

At first, Nielsen he says he didn’t realize he had been bitten, but thought he had been hit by another surfer. “It looked like someone on his surfboard came at full speed right at me and hit me really hard,” the young man said in an interview with “ABC News.”

Watch the moment below:

The beach where the case happened is known as the “Shark Bites Capital of the World”. It is believed that, due to the animal’s visible characteristics, the bite was from a black-tip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus), species that can reach 3m and more than 120 kg, common in tropical and temperate waters around the world and that can become aggressive, with official records of attacks, including in Brazil.

After the scare, the teenager heard the cries of his colleagues for him to get out of the water and managed to get back onto the board and return to the coast, where he was assisted by a rescue team. He needed nine stitches in his arm, but he’s doing fine. “I was lucky”, commented Nielsen in an Instagram post in which he remembers: “the territory is theirs”.

After attack, teenager had stitches in his arm, but recovers well - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

After a scare, the teenager says he is ready to go back to surfing

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

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