Walter Porto: Find out about Lula’s biography that Companhia das Letras releases in November

Companhia das Letras deals with the first volume of biography of former president Lula, written by Fernando Morais and scheduled for November, as one of the year’s greatest potential releases.

The result of an investment of about ten years by the author of “Olga” and “Chatô”, this first volume of 416 pages did not it will obviously encompass all the main events of the politician’s life. —in fact, it will end just as he enters into institutional politics. His years in the Presidency of Brazil, for example, will be left out of this volume.

The biography opens with a thriller-toned account of the when former judge Sergio Moro decreed the arrest of the former president, in April 2018, an episode that Morais followed from within the Lula Institute.

After entering the period that the petista spent in jail in Curitiba, the book cuts to the former unionist’s previous arrest, during the military dictatorship. From then onwards, he deepens into the PT’s formative years, his youth migrating from Pernambuco to São Paulo, his involvement with the trade union movement, of which he would become the leader, and its role in founding the PT.

It goes back to Lula’s first campaign for executive office, when he ran for governor of São Paulo in 1982 and lost to Franco Montoro, of the PMDB.

​Morals, although close to former president, did not set out to make an authorized biography. Lula has not yet read the book and the publisher is somewhat anxious about his reaction, which should have an impact on the range of sales.

The second volume, which is still at an early stage, should be released only after 2022. The publisher’s proposal is that the books are not contaminated by the electoral campaign, from which Lula must be one of the protagonists.

WAYS CROOKED Publisher Autêntica, which has been devoted to publishing classics and non-fiction works, will inaugurate a stamp of contemporary literature. Under the command of writer Ana Elisa Ribeiro and publisher Rafaela Lamas, Autêntica Contemporânea intends to pay special attention to Latin American works and has already signed ten titles, to be published as of March.

BLOOD LATINO The label’s debut books will be the novel “Planícies”, by the Argentine Federico Falco, the dystopia “Outrora. Aqui. Neste Lugar”, by the Brazilian Maria José Silveira, and the praised thriller “Mandíbula”, by the Ecuadorian Mónica Ojeda, which has another title already purchased by the publisher, the collection of short stories “Las Voladoras”.

ALMA A FEW A new work by Achilles Cameroon Mbembe, one of the leading contemporary philosophers, will be published this month on N-1 Editions, taking advantage of the author’s presence in a Brazilian colloquium on technology. In addition to “Brutalism”, in which the philosopher uses the architectural concept to think about political processes, the publisher also releases a brief volume by psychoanalyst Suely Rolnik, “Antropofagia Zumbi”.

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