HDFC Bank Car Loan Up to 100% Funding on New Car Loan Low Interest 2022

How to Get HDFC Car Loan HDFC custom-fit automobile loan includes exclusive features like 100% financing on select models, flexible repayment terms and low EMIs, so you can get your dream car in half the time HDFC bank car loan interest rate HDFC Revolutionary Step-up EMI and Balloon EMI plans make it easy for you to get the car of your dreams at a low monthly payment. This means you can get a bigger car for the same monthly payment as a smaller car. HDFC Bank offers simple automobile loans to both salaried and self-employed individuals.

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Moreover, HDFC Bank helps you not only in raising finance but also in searching and locating your dream car. So what have you got to lose? Apply for a car loan whether new or used today! If you are an HDFC Bank customer, things get better. Take advantage of fast fund disbursement, attractive interest rates and much more. Getting a car loan in India has never been this easy! So now you can have the perfect car and the right finances, just the way you want them.

HDFC Bank Car Loan Processing Fees

Processing fee is non-refundable. 1% of the loan amount Minimum Rs. 5000 and maximum Rs 10000. Further the processing charges on the loan are as follows:

HDFC Bank Car Loan Up to 100% Funding on New Car Loan Low Interest 2022

Maintenance Package Funding, Manufacturer Backed CNG Kit Funding, Asset Protection Major Funding – Rs 3000 and Manufacturer Backed Accessory Funding.

Advantages of HDFC Car Loan

  • Loan Approval in 30 Minutes
  • minimum interest rate
  • Up to 100% on Road Loan
  • minimal documentation
  • paperless process
  • flexible repayment
  • zero foreclosure
  • 24 x 7 online payment facility
  • no hidden charge

Eligibility for HDFC Bank Car Loan

Choose a Short Term Option

When you opt for a shorter tenure to repay the money, the EMI you will pay every month will be higher. This will be a sign of your high repayment capacity which will instill a sense of confidence in you. So, if you want to increase your eligibility for a car loan, you can opt for a shorter repayment tenure.

Keep your credit score under control

If you want to increase your eligibility for HDFC Bank car loan, make sure your credit score is above 750. You can use free credit score tools to check and maintain such a healthy credit score.

Checking your credit score regularly allows you to take corrective measures to improve it if your score is low or if it is high it gives you confidence to approach the bank.

Maintain a low debt-to-income ratio

A low debt-to-income ratio means there is a good balance between your earnings and your expenses. Before banks decide to lend you, they will check the percentage of your earnings that goes towards paying off your loan.

And a lower debt-to-income ratio will indicate your higher repayment capacity. To increase your eligibility for a car loan, you must ensure that you maintain a low debt-to-income ratio.

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